Author/ Ari Van Assche, Ph.D.AIB-Canada Vice-Chair, Communications

In celebration of JIBS’ 50th anniversary, the AIB Executive Board has approved awards for exceptional, past contributions to JIBS. AIB Canada is happy to announce that the following medals were awarded to AIB scholars with a significant Canadian connection:
Gold Medals for Scholarly Service (JIBS EICs)
·       Beamish, Paul
·       Eden, Lorraine
Gold Medals (11+ JIBS publications)
·       Aulakh, Preet S.
·       Meyer, Klaus E.
·       Pan, Yigang
·       Rugman, Alan
·       Tung, Rosalie L.
Silver Medals (5+ JIBS publications)
·       Birkinshaw, Julian M.
·       Brannen, Mary Yoko
·       Chen, Shih-Fen S.
·       Cosset, Jean-Claude
·       Cumming, Douglas
·       Delios, Andrew
·       Dow, Douglas
·       Globerman, Steven
·       Guedhami, Omrane
·       Inkpen, Andrew C.
·       Zhou, Lianxi