Post AIB-Canada 2019 conference reports, links, and pictures

The 2019 AIB-Canada Chapter conference was held at the University of Toronto on May 3, 2019.  The theme of the conference was ICT Investments and MNCs, and addressed how the proliferation in the deployment of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) across business processes is a key force in the process of economic globalization and the significant impact it is having impact on the way MNCs conduct business across international borders, and hence MNC strategies.

The conference had four major sessions:

  1. First, it had a practitioner’s session which involved business executives discussing the importance of ICTs in the globalization of their businesses.
  2. Second, there was a competitive paper session and in-depth discussions on theories of international business and how they are incorporating strategies which increasingly involve ICT.
  3. There was also a focus on the deployment of GVCs.  The keynote address was delivered by Distinguished Professor John Cantwell from Rutgers University, and the title of his talk was Rethinking the Eclectic Paradigm for the Information Age.
  4. Finally, the conference had a panel discussion entitled “Burning issues in International Business Research.”

The Organizing committee for the conference was Walid Hejazi (University of Toronto), Anthony Goerzen (Queen’s University), Ari van Assche (HEC Montréal), and Bernardo Blum (University of Toronto). It was funded by AIB, AIB Canada, and the Rotman Institute for International Business.

The program for the conference posted here.

Please have a look at the pictures from the conference. We look forward to seeing you all in the next AIB-Canada Conference

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